Interactive Bird Toy For Cats

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Love To Play With Your Cat?
This Bestselling Cat Toy Guarantees Hours of Entertainment for Your Cat!

Stimulate your cat with something to swat at other than your face with this battery operating rotating cat toy. A hummingbird is attached to a steel wire at the base of a flower and rotates around. Watch as your furbabies go absolutely crazy over the lifelike movements.


  • Unpredictable lifelike fluttering engages your cat's instincts to stalk and hunt!
  • Perfect for kittens and even 12-Year-Old cats can temporarily turn into kittens with this toy most cats go absolutely bonkers for this thing!
  • Cats by nature LOVE to chase birds and it's so much fun to watch them!
  • Although it's a real joy to watch your kitties hunting skills the toy can be torn up quite fast - simply buy more, Save more and let the fun continue!

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  • Uses 1x (AAA battery)( not included)
  • Colors will be sent at random


    • 1 X?áInteractive Bird Toy For Cats

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