Japan Interactive Paper Toys

$19.95 $34.99

  • Get our amazing origami animals that are unlike any paper toys you have ever seen!
  • These toys will make a great gift for the origami fan or anyone who loves a surprise !
  • Japanese paper crafter?áHaruki Nakamura?ádesigns mechanical paper?ákarakuri-style animals that peek and pop in surprising ways.?á
  • Karakuri, meaning ?Çÿtrick?ÇÖ or ?Çÿmechanism?ÇÖ, are?ámechanical automata pieces?áthat were first made in Japan during the 17th century.?á
  • Nakamura?ÇÖs craft mixes that tradition with?ákirigami, an art that combines paper cutting with?áorigami?áor paper folding.

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