Detoxifying Hair Mask

$16.97 $38.99

Detoxify And Recover Bouncy Hair
Fix Hair Damage In 5 Seconds!

Shampooing & conditioning your hair is not enough to keep it healthy. KeraShine?äó recovery treatment gives you deep root treatment to keep your hair looking its best every day! Soak your hair in a nourishing, nutritious hair mask to give it tender care it needs for a glorious shine!


  • REPAIRS HAIR - It restores & protects your hair from years of damage & constant stressors while keeping it soft & bouncy.?áJust by using it's carefully developed formula can solve common hair issues like dandruff, frizziness, styling damage, and split ends in only 5 seconds! Fix years of damage from the molecular level so you can enjoy permanent youthful, glowing hair.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - It's perfect for women who are too busy to go to salons or anyone who's looking for effective but affordable home treatment!
  • SAFE TO USE - Use it daily or leave it on as conditioner. However, you use it, its handpicked natural ingredients are safe, non-toxic and perfect for everyday use! Now you can experience professional ready hair without the styling, salon treatments, and harsh chemicals!


  • Net Wt: 60mL


  • 1 x KeraShine?äó Hair Mask

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