KidsFam Inflatable Baby Swimming Pool

$28.95 $62.99

KidsFam Inflatable Outdoor Swimming Pool - This is an affordable inflatable pool which is perfect for the whole family. Good materials, sound workmanship. It is also sturdy and durable enough to withstand rough play. The swimming pool is particularly made of materials that make it lightweight and portable. Easy to deflate and carry with no trouble at all. Once inflated. Enjoy summer sunbathing with your family with the KidsFam inflatable pool.


Bring the inflatable pool to the selected sites before inflating - do not inflate the pool and move it on the rough ground since it may result in leaks or damage.

How to drain your pool, winterizing and long term storage:

1. Remove all accessories, toys, etc. from the pool.

2. Open the drain valve cap (vary from models).

3. Carefully open the inflation valve caps and exhaust them to deflate the air chambers, and slowly push the sidewall inward and down to speed up the drainage of the pool. Slightly lift one side of the pool to drain out the remaining water.

4. Close all valve caps for storage.

5. Be sure pool and all parts are completely dry before folding, place it under the sun for an hour or more to let it completely dry.

6. Fold and store the pool in a dry, clean indoor storage place. The original packing carton can be used for storage.

Item Type: Swimming Pool
Material: PVC
Form: Inflatable Round
Age: 2-4 Years

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