Advanced Measuring Spoon

$19.97 $39.94


Do you love baking or cooking??áOr wish that there was a faster and easier way to measure ingredients?

If you do, then this completely adjustable?á6-in-1 Advanced Measuring Spoon?ámight be perfect for you.

  • Easy to use -?ájust slide the adjuster to the desired amount and pour or pour ingredients with a spoon to measure.
  • Made of food-grade plastic -?áit's easy to clean without affecting the taste of the ingredients, and the regulator can slide smoothly and lock into place for durability.
  • Making kitchen work quick and easy -?áGroove fingerprints help you move the slider back and forth to take measurements.
  • The product is made of food-grade material -?áeasy to clean, not easy to leave traces, environmentally friendly, and healthy. With scale ruler, clear scale ruler

This Advanced Measuring Spoon Tool has two adjustable scoops that are easy to use. Just adjust according to the measurement that you want then scoop! With its detachable sides, it is also very easy to clean.

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