Led Thermometer Pacifier

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Our baby's safety should be of the utmost priority. Babies can't tell you when they are suffering from any kind of discomfort and pain, so parents should look out for the slightest possible change in babies' behaviour. But sometimes no matter how vigilant you are, you still fail to see some signs that your baby might be suffering. A high temperature is a clear indication that something is wrong with your baby.

Taking your baby's temperature occassionally might prevent sickness from getting worst. But sometimes taking your baby's temperature is not as easy as sticking the thermometer into his mouth and armpits. Babies could be fussy, it's hard to take an accurate reading if your baby is wiggling.

Thankfully, there is a much easier way to get an accurate temperature reading from your child and it won't require you to bother them with an abundance of tools. This Thermometer Pacifier will show you an accurate reading of their body temperature after only three minutes. Babies love their pacifiers so they definitely won't fight you when taking their temperature this way. It comes comes with a built-in "last temp memory" and is completely free of mercury and harmful chemicals present in other thermometers.

???Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand


  • Designed specifically to fit babies and measure baby's temperature easily in 3 minutes
  • The current is measured and displayed once the digital degree sign ??C/??F stops flashing.???
  • Definitely safe to baby and no harm to the environment because no mercury is used.
  • Beeper function
  • Auto shut-off function after usage
  • Taking Temperature Quickly
  • Accurate Showing of Number
  • Convenient, accurate, and hygienic for usage
  • Peak-hold and auto shut-off functions.
  • Break-resistant and child-safe probe.
  • High Accuracy and fast response, easy to read digital display.

How To Use:

  • Press power switch to turn on unit.
  • Position Nipple in mouth. Wait for beeper sound(for beeper type only).
  • Read temperature.
  • Press power switch to turn off unit.
  • Auto shut-off function after usage.

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