Lip Essential Oil & Plumper Set

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Give Your Lips?áThe?áAttention?áThey?áAre?áPouting?áFor!

Lips feeling broken down?áand need some fixing?

If you love plumper looking lips, without the hassle of painful injections, here's something instant.?áLip Essential Oil & Plumper set?áis an instant way to provide your lips with?áa?áplumping effect. It's richly pigmented for longer-lasting shine and color with an ultra-glossy finish for comfort.?áThis?áEssential Oilis a high-tech cocktail of ingredients, which transforms lip's contour, color, and appearance. If used for a long-term, it may?áreduce the fine lines?átoo.


  • BRINGS BACK THE MAGIC MOMENT: When they take you in their arms and give you a passionate kiss that takes your breath away?Ǫ
  • RE-HYDRATE: Re-hydrate, firm, condition and reduce lip wrinkles with this revolutionary formula developed specifically for plumping and rejuvenating lips. Start regaining your youthful sexiness!
  • REPAIRS AND RESTORE: Repairs and Restores your lips?ÇÖ smoothness. See them looking like they were when you were in your 20s.
  • REGAINS: Regain that look when used twice daily for 4 weeks, the sexy lips you almost forgot you had will again begin to look sexy, shiny and smooth.
  • ERGONOMIC: The plumper?áis made of hard plastic and designed to use?áself-suction, not a pump. Self-suction allows you to control the level of enhancement to create a?ábetter lip line?áand?áoverall lip fullness!
  • SMALL AND ACCESSIBLE: This lip enhancing device is small enough to put in a makeup bag for use before touching up your lipstick. Perfect to use for special occasions or on a day-to-day basis!



  • Ingredients: Lip plumper: Silicone.
  • Lip Oil: Vitamin E,?á honey extract,?áTea Extract, and other repair essences.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 X?áLip Essential Oil & Plumper Set

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