Lock Miter Router Bit

$24.97 $50.00

Miter joints creates a clean and sleek look when creating four sided woodworks. They produce seamless grain wraps around corners and no grain ends exposed. However, producing this clean and seamless look is not that easy. The 45?? cut should be done precisely and uniformly, for all sides to connect perfectly. Even a small degree of error could result in significant gaps when assembling.

The 45?? Lock Miter Router Bit creates interlocking fingers that provide a strong mechanical locking action that makes woodcraft such as frame, cabinet, wardrobe or even closet project much easier to clamp. There is no tendency for the joint to slide out of alignment under clamping pressure, and the wedged tenons tighten up nicely for a strong corner joint. It creates precise and perfect angles, producing seamless and sleek results. The increased long grain gluing surface also helps to strengthen the joint over a basic rabbet or butt joint. Machining parts with the 45?? Lock Miter Router Bit is easy?????with the bit height set, one part is cut horizontally on the router table, while the corresponding part is cut vertically. The bit is ideal for joining drawer boxes, cabinet parts, and for building 4-sided columns.


  • Industrial Quality
  • C3 Tungsten Carbide Cutters
  • Solid Hardened Steel Body
  • Anti-Kickback Design
  • Build-Up Resistant Coating
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Material: Carbide
  • Diameter: 8mm Shank

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