Lock Pick Gun

$17.97 $37.98

With good technique, the?áLock Pick Gun?ácan open most pin and tumbler locks as well as many keyed padlocksin seconds.

This is anextremely valuable tool for professionalswho have to open many similar locks regularly, but who don't have the time or interest in learning manual lock picking and manipulation.

And also, with theeasy-to-use design,the lock pick gun is also suitable for beginners! Designed to be quickly inserted into a lock and with the rapid pull of the trigger, activate all of the pins at once.


  • Built-in strong springcould easily pick pin tumbler and disc tumbler locks
  • Easy application.
  • Compact pocket knife design.
  • Made with a lacquer coating on the surface of the gun canresist stain and rust
  • Suitable for both daily and professional use of a locksmith

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