Super Absorbent Magic Doormat

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Some people have an annoying habit of forgetting to wipe their feet properly or to take their shoes off before entering the house. Before you know it, they bolt past you leaving a trail of dirty footprints on the floor. Not only are???dirty footprints annoying, when you walk on a wooden floor with dirty shoes,??? you are also???leaving lots of sand and dirt behind. And if you have a wood floor, these???abrasive particles???can ruin it. This is where the???Super Absorbent Magic Doormat???can help you.

The???Super Absorbent Magic Doormat???keeps dirt trapped at the doorway and out of your house. Unlike a traditional rubber backed mat that can stain your floor, this magic doormat has an???ANTI-SKID NEOPRENE backing???that is safe on all floors --???no funny odor or rubber smell.???It is made with???high-quality cotton with a structure that absorbs liquid in an instant, while the???microfiber locks in the dirt and muck. It stops sand, snow, grass, leaves, pine needles, and road salt at the door. The non-slip backing let you wipe your feet thoroughly so that even the most stubborn mud and dust stays at the door without you having to take off your shoes.


  • Super Absorbent-???Made with 60% cotton and 40% microfiber fabric, absorbs mud and water and trap dirt on contact.???
  • Non-Slip Backing Design-???Made with Anti-skid Neoprene; won't slip or scratch the floor.
  • Multi-Purpose-???This welcome mat is a crush, fade, mold, mildew, and rot-resistant that makes it look and stay like new for many years. It is suitable for multiple uses throughout your home, outdoor space, workplace, or garage.
  • Easy to Clean-???Machine wash or shake to remove loose dirt, hose down and air dry.
  • 100% Satisfaction-???No need to wipe your sole, just Step to Clean! Perfect for families who have kids or pets and especially suitable for use on rainy days


  • Size: 46*71cm???
  • Net weight:???970g
  • Package Includes:???1X???Super Absorbent Magic Doormat

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