Magic Toy Truck

$19.97 $59.99

Prepare yourself and your kids to be amazed by the Magic Toy Truck! This amazing toy is equipped with induction power and an optical sensor feature that makes it follow any black lines you draw, just like magic! Simply draw a line on a blank piece of paper and let your kids enjoy as it moves following the lines. This magical toy will provide your family with endless hours of pure entertainment.


  • A novelty inductive car, which follows the marker line like magic.???
  • If you place the Inductive car somewhere else it would run in circles until it finds the line.
  • The Toy has an optical sensor that reads the black line drawn on a white piece of paper.
  • Magic Marker included!
  • Will make the Perfect gift for your???child this Holiday Season


  • Use???the Magic Marker to draw a line on a white piece of paper
  • Turn on switch on the bottom of the???truck
  • Place???truck on top of the drawn line
  • The???truck will run on the line automatically
  • If the line finishes, the vehicle will continue in the direction followed from the previous line


  • 1 x Magic Inductive Toy Truck
  • 1 x Magic???Marker

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