Pineapple Easy ?äó

$22.92 $29.95

Do you love Pineapples? If yes then you also know how difficult it is to curate one. Right from handling the outer shell to the getting the slices right.

  1. Preserve the outer shell and use it for cocktails or other drinks.
  2. Either get rid of the core or use it?áby just plucking it out with hand.
  3. Get neatly done slices.
  4. The part that this tool scoops out is the perfectly edible, ready to serve pineapple.
  5. Great for brunches, parties and get-together. Quickly get out the best part for your family and friends.

However this new tools makes it all very easy, as you can see in the video, this would help you get the most out of your pineapple without creating any mess.

Plus it saves you so much time in the process.?á

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