Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner

$12.97 $29.99

Unblock Sinks, Baths & Showers In Seconds, Without Chemicals or Tools With?áMicro Hooks Drain Cleaner!

?áThis is a safe, affordable alternative to chemical drain cleaners. This Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner is revolutionizing the way you tackle clogs! It?ÇÖs all thanks to 100+ micro-hooks, specially designed to grab and hold the hair on contact. And unlike other sink snakes, they won?ÇÖt latch onto the drain or damage your pipes!

  • INSTANTLY REMOVE CLOGS: With 360-degree rotation, the Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner effectively tackles your biggest clogs! The secret is the hundreds of micro-hooks, which grab onto hair, filth, and grime without damaging your pipes or catching on drain parts.
  • EXTRA-LONG DESIGN: Measuring 18 inches in length, deep, hard-to-reach clogs are no longer out of your grasp! And because Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner is flexible and ultra-thin, it winds around curves and slips into most drains and grates with ease.
  • EASY TO USE: No tools required. Not a plumber? That?ÇÖs no problem! Our easy-to-use drain opener works in 3 steps. Simply insert the wand, rotate the handle, and remove the clog.
  • NO CHEMICALS REQUIRED: Chemical plughole cleaners are expensive, can only be used once and contain some seriously toxic chemicals. But Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner is reusable, safe and requires no chemicals whatsoever.


  • Simply attach either the short or long head onto the handle (we give you both in your kit)
  • Just insert into the plughole and give it a few turns to catch all of the hair and grime
  • Pull out and see the years of hair, scum, and grime that's been down your plughole causing the problems!


  • Material: PP+ABS.
  • Product length: Approx 63 cm.
  • Package Includes: 1 Set x Micro Hooks Drain Cleaner

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