Mini Full Body Electric Acupoint Massager

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    15 minutes?áevery day,?áhealthy?á&?ácomfortable?áall day

    Whether your need is to have a moment of?árelaxation,?áreduce muscle tension?áor attain?árelief from chronic pain, regular?ámassage therapy?áhas a tremendous benefit to the body and to your overall health. But hiring the service of a Professional Masseuse can be very costly. Good thing the Mini Full Body Electric Acupoint Massager?áis now available.

    This Mini Full Body Electric Acupoint Massager?áwill make you forget the best masseuse you've ever hired. If you know which of your tight muscles or joints need serious attention and relief, why not opt for where you get the?ábest result with long term useand?ápay only one time rather?áthan a single session with a masseuse that is not exactly cheap??áSit back and relax. Mini Full Body Electric Acupoint Massager?ádistributes relief to just where you need it most. Designed to flex and shape to your body for the perfect massage in all the right places.


    • 9 modes, 6 forces -?á9 modes are available, and each mode has 6 levels of adjustable so that users can use it better.?áDepending on your personal preference, you can freely combine the various massage needs.
    • TENS low-frequency pulse technology -Stimulate the muscles?áof the human body by?álow-frequency electric current?á(harmless to the human body), so that the muscles can?áactively absorb the movement?áand achieve the effect of massaging the muscles.
    • Soft gel -?áMake the skin touch the patch intimately and closely,?ábreathable and soft.
    • Intelligent induction -?áWhen the massager leaves the body, it will?ástop working immediately, and when it is re-attached to the body, it will?áresume work immediately.
    • Easy handling -"+"key?áto switch on or increase the strength,?á"-" key?áto switch off or reduce the force.?áThe middle circle button?ácan change different modes.
    • Permanent endurance -?áThe USB charging interface only?átakes 20 minutes to fully charge the battery. It is recommended to use 15 minutes daily for 2 days.
    • Small and portable -?áWeighing?ájust 30g, you can?átake it anywhere, anytime?áand enjoy a massage.


    • Material:?áGel, PU
    • Color:?áBlack, Pink
    • Size:?á139mm * 68mm * 15.5mm
    • Weight:?á30g
    • Charging voltage:?á4.2V

    Package Includes:

    • 1 ?ù?á Mini Full Body Electric Acupoint Massager

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