Miracle Wrist And Thumb Support

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Our wrists hold one of the most important roles???that affect our mobility but they are often taken for granted. With an intricate structure that allows for a broad range of movement, they make day-to-day functioning possible but in turn, make them widely vulnerable to tension injuries. Activities that involve repetitive use of the wrists and hands, such as keyboard typing, cutting hair, and more can easily lead to inflamed joints and disabling wrist pain. Luckily, we have this ingenious???glove that will help support our wrists and help alleviate arthritic pain. The MIRACLE WRIST AND THUMB SUPPORT.

This Miracle Wrist And Thumb Support protects and supports the joint at the base of the thumb as well as the saddle joint between the thumb and the index finger. It has the same features as the Wrist Splint with the added benefit of thumb support. It is designed with built-in medical concentric circle magnets that helps reduce swelling, relieve arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle pain, and spasms. The magnetic field causes the blood vessels to dilate, increasing circulation, thus accelerating the natural healing process.


  • Magnetic Therapy- Enjoy soothing relief from muscle and joint pain with the magnetic therapy features. Designed to be a very tight but comfortable fit, they are ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism or general hand pain.
  • All Day Comfort- It is thin & lightweight???½ so you can continue to do your everyday activities! you can wear them while washing hands, texting, and even while sleeping.
  • One Size Fit All- Durable & stretchable gel material ideally fits everyone, no matter Men or Women.
  • Easy To Clean- Wash them with mild soap, rinse thoroughly with water and air dry.


  • Material: Silicone and magnet
  • Color: Skintone
  • Size: 136*70mm
  • Package Includes:???1X???Miracle Wrist And Thumb Support

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