Mobile Phone Aluminum Alloy Stand

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The popularity of smartphone has made it the most famous electronic device ever invented. This device does not only allow you to communicate with friends and families, but will let you access the web, listen to music and stream your favorite shows and movies. But one of the disadvantages of using your phone to perform these tasks for you, is the fact that you have to hold your phone all the time while using it. And this could be very exhausting, uncomfortable, inconvenient and impractical. Good thing phone stands are there to offer the solution to this problem.

Our???Mobile Phone Aluminum Alloy Stand???will make streaming a video on your phone comfortable and convenient. It can hold your phone and tablet in place and in the perfect angle for when you want to watch a video, read texts/emails and scroll through images in the perfect angle.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery due to high demand


  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones or tablets
  • Sturdy & Rubber Protected: Built with strong smooth aluminum alloy and rubber cushioned bottom to protect it from scratching and sliding on surfaces
  • Suitable height and perfect viewing angle when using FaceTime, reading email/text messages, cooking recipes, make-up tutorials or just general browsing without the need to hold your phone.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with devices in 4-12 inches
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Compatible brands: Universal

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