Multi Color LED System

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Customize Your Car Head Lights With These RGB LED Lights!

Why not upgrade your car lights to these superb eye-catching Multi-Color LED System?

Customize your car headlamp with this Multi-Color LED System, the LED Light (T10) that can switch color, brightness, and pattern. It has 4 kinds of dynamic effects: flash, strobe, fade and smooth.?áThese bulbs are the?ácheapestand?áeasiest way?áto make your ride stand out?áfrom the crowd.?áYou can install the LED system for your car, truck, trailer, license plate, signal lamp, interior lamp with DC12V voltage.


  • COLORFUL CHOICE WITH?áRGBW REMOTE: The unique T10 car led light can illuminate your car in various color shades, you can adjust the brightness and set 16 kinds of static colors, such as red, green, blue, white and so on, and 4 kinds of dynamic effects: flash, strobe, fade and smooth.
  • SECURITY LED?áWITH?áPROTECTED?áSILICA?áCOATING: The led board is coated with clear silica gel to provide 100% protection during handling, resistant to abrasion, avoid water damage and long-lasting life.
  • WIDE RANGE?áOF?áUSE: Perfect for license plate light, side light, clearance lamp, width light, reading light, dome light, interior light, dashboard lights, tail box light, etc.
  • ATTENTION:All LED bulbs have to be plugged in a?ácorrectly into position,?ápositive and negative.
  • EASY INSTALLATION:Plug and play for most vehicle.


  • Color: Blue, Red, Purple, Green
  • Weight: 25g


  • 1 X?áMulti-Color LED System

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