Multi-function Car Rooftop Doorstep

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This Multi-function Foldable Car Vehicle Rooftop Rack Doorstep?ágives you swift and easy access?áto the roof of your car.?áEquipped with a safety hammer, the Car Doorstep is a strong tool to break car windows in case of emergency. Easily climb and reach the roof?áof your car with the Car Doorstep! This latch doorstep will?áassist you in reaching or storing bulky items?áon your car roof?áwith ease.


  • Patented Design,foldable and easy to store,?ámade from light-weighted durable Aluminum Alloy. It assists you easily in fixing or fetching Bike, Surfboard, or other Bulky Travel Items on car rooftop/ rack.
  • Safety Hammer Design provides you with a?ápowerful tool for survival in case of an emergency.
  • Support Up To 400 Pounds:?áit can support up to 400 pounds for access to car rooftop or rack, no problem for big guy handling bulky items?á(Max: 400 Pounds)
  • Dimension (5.9*3.9*3.9 inches) is big enough to?áfit for all sizes of feet??îNon-slip design?áprovides solid and secure support for you standing on the doorstep, compatible with all kinds of SUV or RV.
  • With this Doorstep, you can put all your bulky items on car rooftop or rack?áwithout any struggle?áas to make full use of in-car space, and enjoy a wonderful journey with all necessary items along with you.


  • Commodity Material:?áAluminum Alloy
  • Max Load:?á400 pounds.
  • Item N.W:?á350g
  • Size:?á3.9?ǥ (W) x 5.9?ǥ (L) x 3.9?ǥ (H)
  • Color:?áBlack


  • 1 x?áMulti-function Foldable Car Vehicle Rooftop Rack

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