Multi-Use Bubble Cleaner Spray

$16.97 $33.94

Made To Beat Stubborn Stains
The Perfect Agent That You Need In Your Home!

Multi-Use Bubble Cleaner Spray is an all-purpose cleaning agent that can easily and instantly remove greases and dirt keeping your kitchen and toilet fresh and spotlessly clean. The foam penetrates every part to remove all the hidden grimes. It does not leave a mark of soap but it leaves a smooth and glossy finish.

It is 100% non-toxic and non-grease. Leaving it clean and with amazing fragrance!
  • ULTRA CLEANING SOLUTION ?Çô It effectively eliminates the grease, dirt, dust, fingerprints and any stubborn stains on all surface.
  • FOAM CLEANSING FORMULA ?Çô The foam is made to remove each stain without rinsing. It ensures polished & grease-free results after cleaning by keeping away water, grease, and chemicals from sticking.
  • ANTI-DAMAGE COATING ?Çô It works perfectly and efficiently in all surfaces including Fabric, Canvas, Finished Leather, PVC, Glass, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber, Metals, Wood, Gel Coat, Fiber Glass and more without damaging the surface.
  • SAFE TO USE ?Çô Contains 100% non-toxic substances and absolutely free from grease-producing silicone oils and petroleum that can pollute the air in your house or car.


  • Net Content: 200 ml


  • 1 x All-Purpose Bubble Cleaner

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