Nail Manicure Classic Dip Powder Starter Kit

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?áA?áHealthier Alternative To Traditional Manicure for
Quick Easy&Beautiful Acrylic Nails!

Say goodbye to?ádamaging and expensive manicures! Introducing our?áNail ManicureDip Powder Starter Kit:?áa healthier alternative to gel and traditional acrylic nails! It is easy to apply yourself at home for a?ánatural-looking, ultra-glam shine.You'll love how effortlessly it takes to make your nails look beautiful!

Our powders offer?árich color pigmentsthat, once coated with our activator layer, bring out rich flavourful colors and did lasts over 3X longer than your traditional gel nail (up to 6 weeks!). With anultra-tough gloss finish,?áchips and smudges are NO MORE!


  • NON-TOXIC & ODOR-FREE DIP: A healthier and exciting alternative in Nail Enhancements.?á The Powder Dipping is odor-free, resistant to chipping/cracking, water-resistant?áand?ádoes not damage the nail beds.
  • HEALTHY APPLICATION & LONGER LASTING SHINE:?á The Dip Powder doesn?ÇÖt require a UV/LED lamp to cure the nail like gel manicures do, which is better for your skin and nail; The powders are extra-fine for perfect absorption into the base coat, it dries incredibly fast and leaves a smooth finish?áfor complete color coverage with 3 WEEKS of durable wear if it is properly applied.
  • EASY TO APPLY & TIME SAVER: Gel dip powder is easy enough for anyone to apply, it also takes about 30% less time to apply than acrylics. Just a simple 3-step dipping system to create captivating acrylic nails. Ideal for both professional salons and beginner!
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:?á?áNO formaldehyde,?á No toluene, and No DBP; Absolutely Cruelty-free.


Step 1:?áApply the?ábase layer to nails
Step 2:?á
Dip nail in the powder
Step 3:?á
Apply another base layer
Step 4:?á
Dip again in powder
Step 5:?á
Apply activator and wait to dry
Step 6:?á
Apply finishing top coat

No more?ácuring with harsh UV lights!?á


  • Material:?áNail Powder
  • Net Wt:10ml


  • 1 Pc x Nail?áDipping Powder?á

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