Nutri Feeding Spoon Silicone Baby Squeeze Feeding Bottle Spoon

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This feeder makes it a lot easier and quicker to feed a fussy baby??í??Æ?ª???Æ?à???Æ?ª???Æ?à???Æ?ª???Æ?à?

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Nutri Feeding Spoon

The NutriSpoon??ímakes feeding your baby effortless.??íIts silicone bottle body is soft and elastic enough to easily squeeze??íbaby food and other liquids into your child's mouth.??íThe rubbery texture makes children curious and increases their likelihood to eat so there are no more sleepless nights for mommy! And to top it off, keep track of how much your baby is eating with the handy measurement marks on both sides of the clear bottle.??íHolds up to three ounces (90ml).



Easy to Use??í- Simply pour the baby food into the bottle, screw on the cap, and squeeze the food onto the spoon.??í

Eco-Friendly and Safe??í- The re-useable silicone bottle and spoon is PVC and BPA free and does not contain Phthalate or Nitrosamine.??í

Take On The Go??í- Comes with a handy cap to cover the spoon so you can slip it into your diaper bag. No more messy spills.

Designed for mom to feed the baby??íand dispense one bite at a time -for formula fruit puree, etc.



Material: PP
Size: bottle height: 20cm / 7.87 ", bottle width: 5cm / 1.97",
Spoon length: 3cm / 1.18," ??í spoon width: 2cm / 0.79 "
Applicable age range: 4 months or more
Color: Blue,Pink,White,Green,Orange



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