Imperfections Gone Upgraded Skin Tag Removal

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Remove skin tags quickly & safely
Nonsurgical all-natural solution!

Skin tags, although harmless, can cause constant irritation to the affected area. The constant risk of the skin tag snagging on clothes or jewelry can affect what you choose to wear and begin to impact your self-esteem. This powerful herbal treatment guarantees to completely remove your skin tags by creating an osmotically active layer which draws all moisture out. This causes the tag to shrink until it falls off or fades back into a healthy, smooth complexion.


  • Proven and effective 100% Natural ingredients with Thuja Occidentalis.
  • The sensitive formula is suitable for all skin types and even intimate areas!
  • This skin tag remover is the perfect solution that's safe and natural!
  • The ONLY 100% effective remedy you can use in the comfort of your own home. No painful removal procedures!
  • Enjoy a scar-free and even complexion within just 2 weeks.
  • Easy application, no surgeries needed
  • Made of homeopathic ingredients that are safe and gentle on the skin


  • Squeeze the liquid on a cotton swab.
  • Coat the skin/wart with the solution and allow to dry naturally.
  • Repeat this process four times a day.
  • Watch the tag shrink with each application


  • Ingredients: Coptis, Cork, Shichangpu, Mint, Honeysuckle, Triclosan, Borneol, Glycerin
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years
  • Size: About 12x8x3cm.
  • Capacity: About 10ml


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