Orthopedic Knee Pillow

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Pillows between the knees provide???comfort???and???support???especially for???side sleepers, pregnant women, and people who have???chronic back pain. For some people, any ordinary pillow between the knees is sufficient to give them comfort and support. However for people who have???trouble sleeping???because of???sciatic or nerve pain, it takes more that an ordinary pillow to help them alleviate the pain.

The???Sleeping Knee Pillow???is a specialty knee pillow made from???memory foam???that is???ergonomically designed???to match the???natural contours of the knees. It is???more effective???for???optimal spinal alignment???and helping alleviate chronic back pain and hip or joint pain, resulting to a???better???and more???comfortable sleep.


  • Great relief for back pain, knee, hip, ankle and joint pains.
  • Recommended by therapists for post-surgery, pregnancy and knee surgery.
  • Offers comfort for pregnancy and maternity.
  • Keeps in place while sleeping.
  • Easy cleaning with removable and washable cover.


  • Size:???6.5X7.0X10.0 inches
  • Weight:???0.31kg


  • 1X???Sleeping Knee Pillow

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