Perfect Dual Color Eyeshadow

$10.97 $32.97

When doing your eyes, at least two shades of eyeshadows will make them even more gorgeous. But blending two colors together is not an easy feat unless you are an expert!

However, if you use the Perfect Dual Color Eyeshadow,???you don't need to worry about an uneven application or wrong color combination. This innovative eyeshadow pallet comes in 2 color combination that you can apply at the same time, making the application more accurate, easier and more time saving


  • A complete eye look in one easy sweep
  • Beautifully coordinated shadows come in natural or playful palettes expertly designed to enhance your eye color
  • The unique applicator is designed to fit your eye shape to define, color and highlight your eyes in one easy sweep
  • Waterproof and long-lasting???


  • Ingredients: Mica, Silica, Boron, Nitride, Squalane, Colorant, etc.
  • Net WT: 2.5g
  • Package Includes: 1X Perfect Dual Color Eyeshadow

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