Pipe Cannon Clog

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Still worried about pipe blockage?

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Pipe Cannon Clog

Clearing??ía??íclogged drain is a real pain. You use harsh chemicals or wait for the plumber and that can be really expensive and time-consuming!??í??íPipe Clog Cannon is a handheld water pressure plunger that sends a blast of water to clear any clog fast. Just fill, flip and blast!

2019 Pipe Cannon Clog


  • Uses a jet stream of water pressure to clean out the toughest drain clogs in seconds.
  • Doesn't need to remove the stopper cover or grate.
  • Can easily??ípush the clog through??í
  • Just fill, flip and blast
  • It has a patent-pending water chamber and a revolutionary silicone blast valve. When compressed, the cannon clog unleashes a powerful water blast that breaks up the clogged drain.
  • Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic. No need to use liquid dry cleaners, acid, or any other harmful chemicals.
  • It's versatile enough to use on the sink drain, shower, bathtubs.


    • Material:PP + TPR + Silica Gel??í
    • Net weight: 140g??í
    • Size: Length 18cm/7.09",??í Bottom round diameter 10cm/3.94"??í
    • Application:



        1 x Pipe Clog Cannon



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