Plantar Fasciitis Support Brace (Pair)

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Give Your Feet A Break With This Cushioned Arch-Supporters Sole Angels!?á

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These Comfortable support braces?álift fallen arches, flat feet, and?áplanter fasciitis. Help reduce heel, arch, ball of the foot, knee, hip, and lower back pain.These puppies provide support, comfort, and peace of mind to tired achy feet. These supports provide?ácompression and?áshock absorbing technology to relieve you're tired, stressed, and strained feet,thus taking the pressure off the body. Which are patient tested arch supports help alleviate pain in your feet, knees, hips, and lower back. You can wear them in any type of shoe, sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, or even barefoot.

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  • NATURAL REMEDY: It?ÇÖs good to lift fallen arches, fix flat feet & other foot issues.
  • BODY FIXTURE: Helps reduce heel, arch, ball of the foot, knee, hip & lower back pain.
  • COMFORTABLE: It?ÇÖs so good to wear for everyday use that you don't even have to wear shoes!
  • ONE SIZE FIT ALL: No measurement required, it will fit any sort of feet size.

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The support brace was designed to be worn with the fabric touching the bottom of your foot. It should be positioned mid-foot around the arch area. However, everybody is different and we all have particular areas of our feet that need more support than others so they can be rotated or moved back and forth depending on what feels most comfortable to the wearer. Just be sure to keep the pointed side facing towards your heel.


They are hand washable with mild soap and water. You should rinse it well and allow it to air dry. You can also wash them in the washing machine.


  • Item Type: Braces & Supports
  • Effect: Bone Care
  • Material: Breathable Fabric
  • Type: Footpads
  • Band Perimeter: 21cm-28cm
  • Band Width: 5.5cmsize:8.5 x 7.3cm
  • Package Includes: 1 x?áPlantar Fasciitis Support Brace (Pair)

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