Power Boy Electricity Saver ( 10-30% Savings )



1. Raise up power factor, reduce electrical power loss by 10-30%
2. Improve quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and 100% safe
3. It is able to instantly compensate and effectively restrain abrupt current and make lower disruption of wave and harmonic wave
4. Extend the life of electrical equipments and enhance the loading duration of the circuit
5. Save 10-30% of expense on electricity on average
6. Built-in Anti Power Shock pc board, to avoid from abnormal operation which maycause electrical shock
7. Extend life span due to improve 10%~30% for all electricity efficiency
8. Anti-Power Shock?á
9. Eliminate Harmonic wave
10. Eliminate Peak Current
11. Eliminate High Frequency
12. Eliminate Resistance
13. Fast ROI (Return on Investment)


  • ?áPlug Type?á (Any country plug shape is available)
  • Rated Voltage 90V - 260V
  • Rated Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
  • Working Temperature -15 Degree to 60 Degree
  • Color White, Black, Grey, Pink (OEM Possible)
  • Casting Material ABS Plastic
  • Origin Country Korea
  • Package Content 1 x Power Boy
  • 1 x English Manual


How is the saving effect on this device ?

Passing many tests and certifications, the unit is proved with power-saving ratio between?á10%~30%;

The different of power-saving ratio is

1. Owing to the wire damage of electric environment itself

2. Power factors of the whole electrical appliances

3. The life-span of the electrical appliances,

4. The quality

5. If the electrical appliances equipped with built-in power saver

6. If instant start require frequently, etc.

Q & A

Q1. Why can Power Boy save electrical power?

A: In today?ÇÖs markets, we can see appliances called energy-saving products, for example,
energy saving refrigerators, energy-saving televisions, energy-saving lights, energy-saving
air conditioners etc. Power Boy is actually based on the same principle, what we have done is enhanced the efficiency, extending an appliance to a whole consumption system of electrical power. You just plug a saver in any of the outlets in this system (after electricity meter), and you will be able to save on your electricity bill.

Q2. Is the use of Power Boy illegal?

A: This saver is just a common appliance and it is certificated by CE as direct plug-in, you
can plug it in any of the outlets (after Ammeter) in your home. It is absolutely legal.

Q3. Is there any danger to use Boy?

A: It?ÇÖs definitely safe. Because it does not have lead, and does not consume electrical energy, never generates heat, so there will not be any danger to use it. (But Please unplug when you feel heat on the PFS body because some house?ÇÖs wire is too old or when wires were touching.)

?áQ4. How to use Power Boy?
A: As long as plugging Power Boy into our any socket of power circuit in back of power meter could reach the effect of saving power. The usage is very simple and convenient. It is suggested to use on the circuit with heavier power, such as the circuit of refrigerator in the kitchen, as will get better effect. Simply plug it in any of outlets after the same electricity meter, it can save power for you. It?ÇÖs that easy.

Q5. How many Power?áBoy?ádo I need to use?

A: We recommend that you use one saver if your monthly consumption as 400KW per
month or less; use two savers if your monthly consumption as over 400KW~600KW per
month or less. (Number of PFS is different as per each country and each home?ÇÖs electric
power and different appliance, so it is not correct as per each case. Unless get the good
results, we recommend to use 1 unit more.) However, using too many savers will cause the power to be too high, and may give the opposite effect and not carry out power saving. The saver can be used in either 110V or 220V circuit. Try to use the saver at the locations where fewer appliances are nearby to increase the saving effect.

Q6. How is the saving effect of Power Boy ?

A: Passing many tests and certifications, the unit is proved with power-saving ratio between 10%~30%; the different of power-saving ratio is owing to the wire damage of electric environment itself, power factors of the whole electrical appliances, the life-span of the?áelectrical appliances, the quality, if the electrical appliances equipped with built-in power saver, if instant start require frequently, etc, as will influence the function of power-saving.

Q7. Power Boy?áeffective on any appliances?

A: This product applies to many kinds of appliances such as air conditioners, televisions,
washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, motors, pumps, stereos, induction cookers,
microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps, etc. However, it is not effective on some resistant appliances such as ovens, toaster, electric dryers (heat wind), electric cookers, etc.


1. The unit with one-year warranty could be returned for a new one under normal operation within a year. Exception is when destroy transparent label is destroy or the unit is disassembled (ex, users taking the outer case apart). The unit will not be under the warranty conditions.
2. If used in the specified way by our company, saving efficiency of power saving result will be 10-30%.
3. If used in the specified way by our company, the lifespan of the savers will be up to five years.

Please beware of counterfeit goods sold from China , if you purchase a counterfeit product from somewhere else we cannot guarantee the product will work and there will be no warranty on the product.

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