Powerful Drain Pump

$16.97 $30.97

This Powerful Drain Pump is an ingenious hand-held device that will make quick work of dislodging even the most stubborn drain clog.

It is an easy-to-use clog buster that works in three simple steps. First, fill it with water, next, flip and position over the clogged drain, then press down and it will unleash a powerful stream of water that will push the clog down the drain. This Powerful Drain Pump is more compact than the traditional ones and safer than the chemical-based drain cleaners.


  • Powerful and durable but with a small size
  • Reusable, eco-friendly and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners.
  • Easy to use, only 3 steps can push the clog down the drain instead of bringing it back up as a plunging snake would.
  • Ideal for any drain works on a tub, shower, kitchen, bathroom sinks, and toilets.


  • 1x Powerful Drain Pump

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