Pro Kicks Solo Soccer Trainer

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Pro Kicks Your Ultimate Soccer Practice Buddy.

What if we told you that you don't have to waste time chasing balls during soccer training? Yeah, this is not a drill! With the Pro Kicks Solo Soccer Trainer, you can focus on training without the chasing - even when you're solo!

Our durable and comfortable solo soccer trainer will help you improve your dribbling, passing, trapping, striking, throw-ins, and even goalkeeping skills.??í

The??íPro Kicks??íSolo Soccer Trainer is perfect for:

  • beginners who want to conquer their fear of an incoming flying ball, quicken their??íreflexes,??íand have better control of the ball
  • seasoned players looking for a way to train even without a partner
  • parents looking to make soccer training more fun to encourage their kids to get into soccer or keep practicing to??íimprove their skills??íand??íboost their confidence
  • people who need regular non-intensive exercise to maintain health or recover from an injury

Better Soccer for Any Level.??íNo matter what level you're at, the Pro Kicks Solo Soccer Trainer can help you strengthen your kicks, anticipate the unpredictable moves of a flying ball, quicken your reflexes, and master every move and skill.

Skip the Chase.??íA lot of time and energy is wasted running after balls all over the field. With our solo soccer trainer, you can forget all about that. The??íPro Kicks??íSolo Soccer Trainer comes with a high-quality Velcro fastening that ties the ball securely in place. Now you can focus on what's really important - improving your skills and building your confidence.

Practice Outdoors or Indoors.??íSoccer practice is usually outdoors, but even if it??ç?ûs raining, snowing, or you simply don??ç?ût have a backyard, you can still use our solo soccer trainer inside your home. The length of the elastic bungee of our soccer trainer is adjustable, letting you shorten it if you want to practice in a tight space indoors.

Affordable Investment for Your Passion.??íTo succeed in any kind of sports, you need to have the right tools. Think about this: how badly do you - or your kids, loved ones, or friends - want to succeed as a soccer player? Self-investment is the best type of investment to see real success in any field.

Hundreds of avid soccer lovers all over the world are enjoying their zero-chase soccer training. Don??ç?ût miss out on the fun!


  • Elastic strap with good quality Velcro fastening to tie the ball firmly
  • Material: Nylon (elastic)
  • Stretches up to 5m/16.40ft (max.)
  • Tile length: 2.5m/8.20ft


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