Quick Pulling Damaged Screw Extractor (Set of 4)

$19.97 $41.99

No More Stripped, Broken, Stuck And Damaged Screws With???Quick Pulling Damaged Screw Extractor (Set of 4)

Stripped, broken, stuck???and???damaged screws???delay???your work and???waste your time.???Extract screws in???10 seconds???with the Quick Pulling Damaged Screw Extractor. Reach into your toolbelt, pull out the???Quick Pulling and???watch the screw gently loosen???as if it had never been stuck.???No mess, no fuss, no time wasted.???Made from our???toughest premium alloy???to date, Quick Pulling???firmly bites???into???all sizes of screws or bolts???to???extract in under 10 seconds.???Whether it's???rusted, stripped or sheared???- no material can match the???pulling???ability of???Quick Pulling.???

  • INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: The???Quick Pulling removes stubborn screws???with???90% less time and effort.???Now???put that time saved to good use!
  • ALL SIZE OF SCREW: This set???works on ALL sizes???of???screw and bolt, and is???universally compatible with ALL drills. No more searching required,???this is the tool you need.???
  • SMALL AND CONVENIENT: You'll forget it's even in your toolbox - then feel the relief when you need it.
  • DURABLE: Hardwearing???carbon steel tips???made using our???strongest alloy???to date.???



  • Type:???Center Drill Bit
  • Material:???High Carbon Steel
  • Use:???Metal Drilling
  • Package Includes: 1 Set???Quick Pulling??±?? Damaged Screw Extractor (4 bits)
    • 1# removes diameter 3 to 5 mm.
    • 2# removes diameter 4 to 8 mm.
    • 3# removes diameter 5 to 10 mm.
    • 4# removes diameter 6 to 12 mm.

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