Quilting Binder Attachment

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Create and Decorate Using The Most Amazing Quilting Binder Attachment!

The Quilt Binder Set is the perfect accessory for quick and trouble-free binding, with a superior design based on industrial binding attachments. The cone on the front of the fabric holder feeds and folds fabric for a ??" finished binding. Two upper screws on the binding allow you to adjust the fold of the fabric - set them at the same length for a straight stitch, or set the bottom a bit further than the top for a blanket stitch.


  • Suitability:?á?áIf you are sewing hobbyists or sewing expert who want to bind the seams of your sewing output or polish the edges of your sewing piece,?áthen we got the perfect binder attachment. The Quilting Binder Attachment can turn simple-looking hems, armholes, necklines, or an opening into a wonderful project by attaching a cloth into its edge. Buying this item will surely make your designs look elegant and superb!
  • Quilting Binder Attachment:?áA?áprecision tool that folds the fabric into perfect halves automatically. Aside from polishing and sealing the edges of your sewing masterpiece, this excellent item can also be used to add flair to any designs. You can turn a basic bib or mat into something more glamorous by sewing colorful strips of fabric from the bias tape into the outer lining of your cloth.

    Quilting Binder Attachment is a simple but practical tool. ?áIt is a sewing tool which can aid in creating a tape-like fabric which can be attached by sewing the edges of any sewing project. If you need to create smaller bias tape, no need to worry because the Quilting Binder Attachment comes in different sizes for your convenience. Having a sewing bias tape won?ÇÖt just make your sewing easy and economical; it will also make your every sewing project more appealing to the eyes.


    • Material: Steel

    • Weight: 100g

    • Inlet Cloth Width--Outlet Cloth Width.

    • Package Includes: 1 x?áQuilting Binder Attachment

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