Reusable Car Clean Adhesive

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Never let the dust fly around your car, gadgets, and things!

Tired of cleaning your car and gadgets in a traditional way? The???Reusable Car Clean Adhesive is a???cleansing gel that provides you simple and convenient cleaning solution for your car and other gadgets. Use it to clean items???such as PC/laptop keyboards and other rugged surfaces???such as the car vent, camera, printer, cell phone, calculator, speaker and PC screens. The???Reusable Car Clean Adhesive is made of biodegradable gel???that isn't sticky to hand, smells sweet with lemon fragrance, and totally no harm to your skin.


  • Can effectively absorb dust from surfaces and???between???tight???gaps.
  • Proven to???effectively kill common bacteria
  • No trace and no surface damage!
  • It is the best partner for cleaning electronic devices
  • Non-toxic and great smelling.???The soft and flexible gel is non-toxic and alcohol-free, with a light, pleasant fragrance, that won?????t leave a smelly residue on your hands.
  • Reusable???and long-lasting.

Put the Reusable Car Clean Adhesive into the bottle to keep it preserved???after use. It saves you time and effort during???home and office cleaning.???This cleaner could be used for several times until???the color turns to dark. When you're done cleaning, just put it back in the???container and store at a cool place.


  • Materials: Disinfectant, preservative, boric acid, methyl-benzoic acid, perfume
  • Package Includes:???1 x???Reusable Car Clean Adhesive

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