Reusable Cotton Swab

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If you're one of those individuals who loves changing the world for the better, or use a lot of cotton swabs to apply or remove makeup, you probably go through a lot of Q-Tips every day. Where do those swabs end up? Either in some land-fill, or maybe the ocean where they'll take ages to degrade. What if there was a reusable Q-tip that you could use, instead of going through multiple cotton swabs per day? That's just what the Reusable Cotton Swab???is, and it's a new???environmentally friendly way to use cotton swabs.
These???Reusable Cotton Swabs are environmentally friendly and washable. They're super easy to clean and reuse with just some water and a dab of soap.???They come in a two-pack, one of which is meant for cleaning, and another that's designed for makeup and touch-ups. They come with a handy carrying case that holds both reusable swabs to easily take with you anywhere.

1.5 billion cotton swabs are produced every single day and the average American uses 415 cotton swabs every year. In the UK damage is evident: For every 100 feet of beach there are 9 cotton swabs. ???Let's make single-use cotton swabs a thing of the past!???

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