Roll-On Wax Heater

$34.95 $64.95

Great For At Home Use As Well As For Spas!

This Roll-On Wax Heater Saves You Time By Not Having To Melt Large Quantities Of Wax And Is The Perfect Size For Application Directly Onto Your Body!

Setup Is So Easy -?á

No Experience Needed & Simple To Use!

Heats In As Little As 10 Minutes And Will Last The Whole Session!

Built-In Safety Timer Ensures No Guess Work On Your Part To Heat The Wax.

Waxing is a better alternative to tweezing or spray on hair removal because it weakens the hair follicle making it easier to remove and keeps it from going back for a longer time period.?á

Cleanup is a breeze compared to regular at home wax kits because this one is self-contained and stores easily!

?áThe wax we supply in the kit can rid your entire body of hair 3 times before refilling!

How To Use:

  • Insert?áthe?ároll on device into the cartridge until the indicator turns green or 10 minutes have elapsed.
  • Check that wax has melted to liquid form on the roll-on.
  • Remove seal on the roll-on cartridge and then roll on a removal strip so the wax has completely covered the roller.
  • Apply a thin layer on skin (in the direction of hair growth) Place hair removal wax strip on the surface and pull against the direction of hair growth

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