Limited Edition Handmade Valentine's Day Rose Bears *Gift Box Included!*

$89.99 $180.00


????????????The BEST Valentine's Day Gift!??????????

Still looking for an interesting Valentine's day present? Tired of Chocolate Boxes and Gift Cards? Look no further - our handmade Valentine's Day Rose Bears are the creative, versatile gift that will???surprise your loved one and create???a memorable moment to be cherished. Roses may not last forever, but???these Rose Bears most definitely will. ;)

The best gift for Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Weddings, Birthdays or any occasion that warrants a unique, precious gift.


Product Details:

  • Styrofoam???bear covered in???faux roses.
  • Comes with a???satin???bow.
  • 14.9 "???in height.
  • Complimentary Gift Box Included.
  • FREE Shipping on All Orders.

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