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Regular wine glasses may be appealing to look at, especially when you're swirling the wine inside, but they can be too fragile, especially those made of thinner glass. They are inconvenient to pack for camping or when you want to enjoy other outdoors activities. The use of disposable cups also creates an increase in trash that contributes greatly in global waste crises.

Thankfully, innovative companies have come up with Silicone Wine Glass. Silicone wine glasses are reusable drinking vessels made from durable, unbreakable, thick food grade silicone. You can carry your drink with you without fear of breaking the glass. These glasses will not break if you happen to drop them or throw them in the sink. They can be squeezed or smashed, and they will return to their original shape.

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  • Unbreakable- Completely shatter-proof,. You can throw, smash and squeeze, and it will return to its original shape.
  • Comfortable- The glasses are comfortable to hold onto and do not slip out of your hand. Although they are soft to the touch and malleable they are still firm enough to carry around your beverage without fear of spilling.
  • Safe and Eco Friendly- Silicone glasses are made with the food-grade, FDA approved silicone. Silicone is safe food contact material when used for low temperature application
  • Handy for Outdoor Events- Using silicone glasses is a nice solution for enjoying wine poolside or other outdoor areas where glass is not safe.
  • Multipurpose- They easily hold water, beer, soda, juice, or your favorite cocktail. You can use them, as ice makers, kitchen prep bowls, or to put the kid?????s snacks in them.
  • Easily Washable- You can easily wash them with hot, soapy water or they can go through the dishwasher.???
  • Safe for Children- The silicone glasses ensure easy handling by children because the glasses are soft and their little hands have a better grip on them.


  • 4 pieces wine cups

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