Slimming Wrap



?áDo you want to get better results at the gym?

The?á Slimming Wrap will help you get that?áfit, toned shape?áyou?ÇÖve always wanted! Trim body fat fast?áand?áachieve your body goals easily.?áMade from?áhigh-quality neoprene material, the Slimming Wrap retains heat for firming and toning. It creates a?ásauna-like experience?áthat helps increase perspiration for?ámaximum fat burning.


?£öAbsorbs sweat and stores heat

?£ö?áBurns Cellulite?á

?£ö?áPromotes perspiration

?£ö Easy to wear?á& take off

?£ö Contoured for every size

Advanced thermogenic technology encourages?ágood circulation to?áget rid of toxins and excess water weight. Heat compression?átightens loose skin?áand?áreduces unsightly cellulite. It?ÇÖs designed for comfort and convenience with ultra-stretch and moisture-wicking fabric that?ákeeps you comfortable. The?áanti-slip Velcro strapskeep the wrap on all through your training.

The Slimming Wrapcan be?áused for every physical activity, whether you?ÇÖre running, walking, doing yoga, or even catching up on your household chores!

Package Includes:?á

1 x?á Slimming Wrap for Thigh
1 x Slimming Wrap for Waist

Care Instructions:

  1. Hand wash with cold or lukewarm water (below 30??C) and air dry.
  2. Do not bleach.
  3. Avoid excess sunlight exposure to maintain elasticity.

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