Soda Bottle Dispenser

$7.97 $14.99

Keep the drinks flowing and frizzy with the Soda Bottle Dispenser!?á

A party doesn't have to mean spilled drinks and sticky tables! Then there are those guests who forget to seal the soda bottles shut, so people end up drinking flat sodas for the rest of the party. Save your soda bottles with the Soda Bottle Dispenser!


  • NEVER DRINK FLAT SODA AGAIN - Keep the bottles sealed yet ready to serve your guests. The Soda Bottle Dispenser keeps the bottles closed while no one's pouring drink, retaining all the fizz.
  • NO MORE SPILLS - Dispense, don't pour! Simply reach in your refrigerator and dispense your refreshing beverage. The dispenser turns soda bottles into a dispenser, making it easy to fill cups without lifting the bottle. Great for homes and parties with kids!
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES - Especially for children's birthdays! Kids love using the soda dispenser, and no more tipping over the bottle and spilling everywhere when the little ones need a refill.
  • FITS MOST 2 LITER BOTTLES - The soda dispenser is easy to use and fits most 2 liter bottles. From colas to orange sodas, give your family and friends nice cold drinks all day!


  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Includes: 1 x?áSoda Bottle Dispenser

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