Spring Pipe Dredging Tools

$5.97 $19.97

You Don't Have To Worry
Fixing Clogged Pipe In Your Home!

Hair clogging is one of the difficult tasks. With the help of Spring Pipe Dredging Tools, you will achieve a stress-free way to clean those clogged pipes. Spring Pipe Dredging Tools is super flexible. It only deceives you with its simple mechanism but it ensures a quality way to remove dirt from hard to get spots.?á
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: These Spring Pipe Dredging Tools are made of high-quality stainless steel or PP material, that is durable and flexible.
  • APPLICATION RANGE: Perfect for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, utility sinks, bathtubs, and shower drain cleaning, especially any narrow place and gap that hard to reach.
  • SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: The slim design is to make sure that it is easy to store. Better than toxic chemical cleaners -- 100% eco-friendly.
  • Product Material: Plastic / PP / PVC + Wire
  • Product Size: Hook: 50cm Width 0.8cm Length Stick: 11.7 * 14cm Spring: Length 60cm

  • (Variant 1 package) 1 x Hook
  • (Variant 2 package)1 x Spring
  • (Variant 3 package)1 x Hook & Spring

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