Super Absorbent Car Wash Microfiber Cloth

$17.94 $25.00

After washing your car, leaving it to air dry may leave water streaks that are???not so good???to look at. The best way to avoid this is to wipe your car dry after washing. While you can just easily use any kind of cloth or rag to wipe your car dry, there's nothing quite like a microfiber cloth when it comes to picking up even the tiniest particle of water and dirt off???of it.???

The Super Absorbent Car Wash Microfiber Cloth is especially designed to leave your car with a nice polish after wiping it dry. It is packed with thousands of individual microfibers that can pick up microscopic particles, water, dirt and other debris, leaving your car with a beautiful polished finish without nasty swirls and streaks.


  • Scratch-free, lint-free and swirl-free
  • Long lasting microfiber
  • Effective cleaning under wet and dry conditions
  • Banded edges
  • 100 percent machine washable


  • Function:???Car Cleaning,Windows Cleaning,Dishes Cleaning
  • Size:???30cmX30cm
  • Material:???Polyester Fiber
  • Color:???Yellow and Grey

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