Super Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

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Tired of applying false eyelash with the messy glue??áThese?áinnovativeReusable Self-AdhesiveEyelashes?áare the?áperfect solution?áfor you!?á

Apply?áon your eyes effortlessly?áwithoutglue!?áThenatural fiber?áwill give you that?áflawless?álook in a?ánon-irritating?áway!?á
It comes with a?áREUSABLEand SUPER WATERPROOF?áglue on the lash for quick application.?áAfter usage, just?áwash it?áwith clean water. Afterdrying, you can?áuse it again repeatedly.

Only 3 step : Peel,?átrim,?ápress!The simplest way to get the?áINSTANT Glamour!


  • No Glue Needed
  • Waterproof and Stronghold Long-Lasting Formula- continuously flawless look that wears?áup to 24 hours
  • Easy?áto?áuse- No mess, No Clump, and No Residue.
  • Easy to remove

  • Reusable- Reusable for?á30 days! Just wash with clean water & dry after use
  • Use high-quality material which hasno harm to your skin.
  • Light, Soft, and Comfortable


  1. Remove the first lash from the plastic packaging.?á
  2. Use a pair of tweezers and hold the lash close to your lid.
  3. Place the edge of the strip right up to where your natural lash line starts.
  4. Use the blunt side of your tweezers to press the strip down carefully but firmly.


    • Material: Synthetic Fiber
    • Length: about 1 - 1.2 cm
    • Color: Black


    • 1?ápair?áx?áSuper Self-Adhesive Eyelashes

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