Swift Slip-on Reusable Shoe Protectors

$24.97 $79.99

A?ásimple, yet great?ásolutionprotecting?áyour favorite shoes from ever getting?áwet,?ádirty or?áunnecessarily?ádamaged.
We just hate it when ourfavorite shoesgetdirtydue to anunexpected downpourorslushy streetsduring winter.
Swift Slip-on Rainsocksareindestructible silicone casingsthat will fit any shoe perfectly. Once you pull them over your shoes, no liquid or dirt will ever break in causing damage.
Fashionableandlight,SwiftSlips?äó Rainsockshave athickened anti-slip sole, making itsaferandcozierto walk out in the rain.
?ƒƻSwift Slip-on Rainsocksare made of stretchy and elastic military-grade silicone, easily fitting virtually any pair of shoes out there.
?ƒæƒ ReinforcedAnti-Slip slopesallow for a comfortable, care-free walk on any outdoor terrain.
?£ö??Å One-Piece,Easy-On designallows for an unprecedented wearing experience!
Limited Stock - Get Yours Today!
Product size: S(20.9 cm), M (27cm), L (29cm)
Product weight: ?á210g
Material: Silicone
Product Feature:?ábeautiful, dustproof, waterproof,?áRecyclable, Wear-Resistant, Washable, Rainproof
Product Includes: 1 pair of shoe covers

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