T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit

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An Easy Way To Repair Your Wires!

This T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit is made for quick and easy electrical connections.???It is capable of connecting to an insulated (solid or stranded) copper wire without you cutting or stripping the wire. Our T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit is easily installed and constructed of high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. Use these terminals in the interior, under the seat or in the trunk--anywhere moisture is not present.


  • Upgrade of Wiring: T-tap wire connectors replace the traditional way of wiring, abandoning the cutting, stripping and soldering. Midspan wiretapping has never been easier before and T tap wire connectors can be used repetitively.
  • No Need To Strip Wire: It will be much safer for the beginners and much easier than the old way and, all you need just a crimp
  • Easy identification: Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application.
  • Perfectly Fitting Male Quick Disconnects: Nylon male disconnects have been designed to lock tightly on the T Tap connectors to prevent sliding out
  • Widely Use: Whether you are working on your boat, vehicle, home or scientific project, our T-tap terminal connectors will ensure everything bond correctly
  • Premium Copper tin plating: Copper tin plating provides increased current flow, and ensures less voltage drop, preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.
  • Durability: Each terminal features a thick tinned copper contact that resists corrosion to hold the wire tight when crimped. Thicker tinned copper contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires
  • Eliminate Safety Hazard: T-tap wire connector is a component of copper which conducts electricity well. It?????s thickly tinned to prevent corrosion and resists as high temperature as 221??±??. It?????s also made of flame-retardant material to ensure security.
  • Easy to Use: Self-stripping electrical tap connector is suitable to electrically tap into a wire in mid-span without cutting or stripping the wire, connector then mates with a male tab, making a reusable quick-connect wiring termination.


  • Color: Red, Blue, Yellow
  • Suit Cable: 22-10AWG(0.5-6.0mm2)
  • Quantity: 60pcs
  • Material: Brass
  • Insulation: PP
  • Package Includes:???1 pack( 60pcs/30Pairs )???T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit

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