The Pelvic Correction Trainer

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Shape Your Hipline With This Pelvic Correction Trainer!

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This pelvic correction trainer is used for body shaping and muscle strengthening. It can help adjust and tighten the hips.Use our hip fitness device to effectively exercise muscles, make the pelvis and the hip muscles participate in the exercise, and it is easier to achieve the beautiful buttock effect and keep the pelvis healthy.?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á ?á?á

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  • COMPACT DESIGN: light and portable, easy to use, easy to store, long-term use can reduce the fat reduction in the thigh.
  • FEMALE PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES ONLY NEED MARKET: female self-confidence, husband and wife life, body anti-aging, gynecological diseases, gender harmony.
  • RELAXATION: 1-minute beautiful hips, 7 days of sturdy pelvic floor muscles, 4 weeks to change sedentary posture, pelvic correction trainer will do the work for you while watching TV or relaxing. The trainer has achieved positive results, not only to improve and shape your ass but also to shape your thighs.

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  • Color: Purple, Blue, Pink, Orange.
  • Weight:750 g.
  • Material:?áSteel + PVC.
  • Package Includes:1 X?áPelvic Correction Trainer

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