The Perfect Slice Tool

$8.97 $29.99

After lovingly baking that beautifully turned out masterpiece of a cake, decorating it next should be a breeze. But slicing a cake for layering might look easy but it can be very intricate, especially horizontally. Unless you have the steadiest of grips, a simple cake slicing can turn into a disaster if you don't use a little help to grip the cake slicer steadily. And this is where The Perfect Slice Tool can help.

The Perfect Slice Tool will help you create perfectly sliced cake layers like a pro. It is especially created to guide your cake slicer for easy, perfect and quick slicing for even and beautiful layers. It has five layers that allows you to easily adjust to your desired thickness. A smart baker's tool that simplifies an otherwise tricky job.


  • It is compact and easy to clean
  • Select from 5 different layers for preferred thickness
  • Simple to use with just two buttons to secure your knife
  • Use your long serrated cake knife (enough for the size of your cake) without any hassle
  • Create up to 1 inch sized cake layers or even thinner
  • Avoid getting crooked cake layers and get an evenly sliced thickness
  • Perfect for both amateur and professional bakers


  • Color:??íGreen
  • Size:??í5cm*4.7cm/1.97"*1.85"
  • Material:??íABS Plastic

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