Tire Wheel Refurbishing Agent Cleaner

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Do your tires look dirty even after a wash?

Tire Wheel Refurbishing Agent Cleaner

Tires & wheels of automobiles are exposed to sunlight and air pollution for a long time. They are very easy to oxidize and may appear dull after a prolonged period of time.??íOne use of our patented Tire Wheel Refurbishing Agent Cleaner will restore years of shine back into them as well as prevent further damage or wear.
Gives you a quick and easy to clean??ísurface for restoration, conservation of shine and protection from the elements.??íA thin layer of nano-particles spread across the area of application forming a powerful barrier which lasts for 3-5 years.
Tire Refurbishing Agent


  • Effectively prevents rubber strips from aging and prolongs the service life of rims and tires.
  • Prevents tires from oxidizing and fading under sun exposure.
  • No harmful substances, such as phosphorus and chromium
  • Can be used as a clear-coat; after painted with this kit, a protective layer will be covered on the surface of application, protecting your??ívehicle from salt, fog, corrosion, bird drops, UV light, scratches, stone chips, iron powder etc.
  • Effectively removes surface stains??ífrom tires.
  • Super high quality finish with protective nano-coating??ítechnology to prevent oxidation and rusting.

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  • 1 x Tire Wheel Refurbishing Agent Cleaner (50ml)

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