Touch Locking Smart Locking Device

$49.97 $99.00

A pair of cutting-edge smart fingerprint padlocks that open with your unique fingerprint.??íNever worry about losing your keys, forgetting your combination code??íor getting your locks picked again.

Your fingerprint is your very own unique signature that nobody can imitate and take away from you. Fingerprint ID function provides a safe and private way for unlocking and identity verification. Now you can say goodbye to keys and cumbersome combinations. Never worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords ever again. With the TouchLock, your fingerprint is the key and it only takes 1 second to unlock it. This smart lock can record up to 10 different fingerprints so every member of your household can have safe access.


  • Safe and reliable, touch once and open.
  • Can support up to 10 fingerprints recording.
  • IP65 waterproof: With IPS65 waterproof standard, the product can be protected from the water and dust.
  • USB charge: With the feature of lower power and long standby time.
  • A 300mAh lithium battery can support 2-year standby time and can be opened up to 2500 times.
  • Suitable for house door, backpack, suitcase, warehouse, bike, cabinet, and office.


  • Support: 360-degree angel fingerprint recognize
  • 72*64 Sensor
  • Resolution:508DPI
  • ESD:+/-12kV air, +/-8kV contact
  • FRR:<1%
  • FAR:<0.002%
  • Recognize Time:<300mS
  • Working current:180MA
  • Motorless Operating Current:3MA
  • Standby Current: 16uA
  • Battery:lithium battery, 3.7V 300mAh (built-in)
  • Charging: Support USB charger
  • Item weight:200g / 7.1ounce

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