Ultimate Lens Hood

$21.95 $39.99


The Ultimate Lens Hood (or ULH for short!)???is an incredibly versatile collapsing silicone cone that will stretch to fit any DSLR, Mirrorless, M43 or Bridge camera lens.???It has been used by thousands of photographers, filmmakers and camera enthusiasts all over the world.???


Gone are the days of struggling to take photos through windows without catching that glare that ruins your images. Even better? No longer will you have to spend hours in photoshop removing reflections when you get home!???


For smaller pocket-sized cameras and smartphones with???clip on???lenses (eg. Moment/Lemuro/Olloclip)???the ULHmini is the perfect glare-free partner.


  • It blocks glares???from sunlight or lighting fixtures when shooting outdoors in daylight or on brightly lit areas
  • Acts as a deflector when shooting through reflective surfaces???like windows and makes sure no reflection is caught on camera
  • Wear the lens hood backward to???protect your cameras???from weather elements. A life saver here!
  • Perfect for day time and night time shooting.???Transforms a bad photo into a great even before you start editing!
  • Comes in a???black???cone-shaped silicone???that???stretches to fit any camera lens.???The ultimate Lens Hood is incredibly versatile!
  • Attaches directly on your lens???giving you the liberty to move around and adjust setting without a hassle of changing your gear or accessories
  • Works with any type of camera lens, even mobile phone lens attachments or even your ordinary digital camera.???

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