Universal Angler Ruler (METAL)

$21.97 $39.00

The Universal Angler Ruler is an essential tool for any DIY enthusiasts, professional builders and craftsmen. It is an amazing tool that is perfect for precise and accurate angle measurements. It is a four angled mechanism that can slide into the angle desired and locks into place by a metal thread. Great layout tool for creating complex shapes and angles and it functions as a reusable stencil for numerous applications. This tool is perfect for tiling, making bulls eyes, arches, plumb cuts on roof joints and more.


  • Multi-angle measurement tool: can be adjusted to any tool and angle you need for measuring different objects??í
  • Precise template tool: for creating professional layouts in brick, paving stones, slate, lumbar, tiles, laminate etc.
  • Both Inch and CM measures: 2 measurement units for maximum convenience
  • Foldable and portable: folding design for easy storage; portable and lightweight, easy to carry to any job site
  • Ductile and durable plastic material: not easy to break with high tenacity, durable use ensured
  • Long ruler is 31 cm, short ruler is 17.5 cm


  • Material:??íAluminum Alloy
  • Package Includes: 1 X??í??íUniversal Angler Ruler (METAL)

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