Universal Kids Head Support

$7.97 $15.97

Don't you just hate driving your kids throughout the country, or to a distant relative, and you're always trying to???keep them awake so they don't bob their heads in the car while sleeping? Not only can it prove to be bad for their little necks, it's also dangerous for you to be constantly taking your eyes off the road to check up on your little one. With your Universal Kids Head Support, you can rest easy, knowing that they are.

Made from soft cotton wrapped with a durable nylon strap, it eliminates that 'bobbing' of your child's head, all while providing a comfortable???and safe experience.



  • Soft cotton pad for comfort
  • Strong, adjustable nylon strap
  • Great for all baby, toddler and child seats
  • Comes in a variety of assorted colors and patterns


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